Newly-formed Swedish defence company System Engineering Solutions 37 (SES37) acquires the Finnish market leader for mobile protected command and sensor platforms, Conlog OY.

SES37 is a newly formed defence company aiming to contribute innovatively to the defence’s ability to meet today’s complex requirements. Based in Höör, Sweden SES37 is a subsidiary of Stockforsa Invest AB, based in Malmö, Sweden.

SES37 offers integrated solutions, build on knowledge and expertise, based on products and services from small innovative high technology companies. In addition, SES37 offers customization of standardized products / systems as well as re-manufacturing of existing but outdated systems.

SES37 integrates standardized and quality assured systems, which in time and in a cost-effective way, contribute to national sustainability, resilience and security. SES37 provides national defence access to agile and cost-effective innovative suppliers.

Conlog is a Finnish security-approved company that supplies mobile protected platforms in container format to the Finnish defence. Mobile protected command and sensor platforms support operational and tactical capabilities for retrieval of intelligence, monitoring of the territory, communications and command. Conlog is the market leader in Finland on mobile protected platforms for command and sensor centres, radar stations, shelters, field hospitals and the similar

SES37 and Conlog can together offer modular standardized protected command and sensor platforms that immediately can create operational effect. Conlog’s products will be key components in SES37 product portfolio. With Conlog in the portfolio, SES37 will be very well positioned to create new integrated products and systems supported by small, innovative, high-tech companies for the European market. The acquisition also supports Finnish-Swedish cooperation in the defence area.

” Early on SES37 identified Conlog’s solutions as interesting and valuable to quickly enable operational capabilities for national defence and security organizations. The solutions really meet a large and immediate need. Conlog’s methodology and solutions have been successfully tested in conjunction with defence and universities. In addition, the products have been proven in operations over 27 years”, says Christer Kjellkvist, CEO SES37.

Conlog has been based in the University of Oulu since 1990, has its Centre of Excellence for Knowledge, Design and Development in Oulu, and has been the natural supplier in its field of specialization for Finnish defence for 27 years.

Sweden and the rest of Europe have taken a strategic defence and crisis management timeout over the last 20 years and in connection with this dismantled most of the fixed infrastructure for the total defence. As the threat picture in Europe has changed dramatically in recent years, most nations make the assessment today that recreation of robust defence capabilities has to take place.

The general assessment is that the former fixed infrastructure cannot be rebuilt in the short term without very large resource grants. For cost and time reasons, but also due to the need for adaptation to a modern threat picture, mobile solutions can in many cases be more effective.

The needs are significant, not only for the sharp ends, but in the short term, primarily for systems of systems that contribute to the so-called basic capabilities (e.g. shelters, logistics, land based communications) that create operational capabilities also through quantity. A big challenge is to acquire the systems that support this in time – and many indicate that it might well be a matter of urgency.
There is a risk that a necessary changes in today’s market for defence equipment will take a long time. For this reason, there is a need for new actors who can handle the new challenges.
The Finnish state has approved SES37 as international owner of Conlog.


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